Sunday, January 13, 2013

52 Cameras - 52 Weeks

I heard of a nifty project idea from Alex, :Axel: on Flickr, and Urban Hafner about a 52-weeks project.  What is this project?  Another 365 project?  No, it's actually a little different.  Actually, it's a lot different, and takes a little more discipline.  Using film, shooting a roll a week.  It can be one type of film, on one camera, and one single developer, or any combination you choose.  Multiple different types of film, on multiple different cameras using a multitude of developers.  Ultimately, the choice is yours. 
Some will like the challenge of one film, one developer, one camera, while others, like myself, will use any camera, with any film, and any developer.

The key to this is to shoot one roll every week. 

For the first week, I used my Canon A-1 35mm SLR loaded with Ilford XP2 Super 400ASA film.  I had a fair bit of film with this film, and do have to get some more of it.  Great latitude, as it can be shot from 50ASA to 800ASA without a push or a pull during development. 
Since it is also on a clear base, you can enlarge as normal using an enlarger, instead of using the Kodak C-41 B&W film that will require contrast filters, longer exposure times, and a hope and prayer that it works.
Stay tuned for Week #1 photos, and don't forget to check out the and see how it plays out for all the participants of that project.

Best of luck to them, and myself included! 

Don't forget, you can even go along as well.  If you haven't shot a roll a week, try it out.  You might find it to be a great challenege!

Also, check out the Film Photography Project to stock up on film, because you will need 52 rolls for the entire project.  Of course, now you'll only need 50, as we're two weeks in.

Until next time, keep those shutters firing!

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