Friday, February 8, 2013

Last Dig

Another camera that I received from my good friend John Meadows, and one I haven't used in a while. The Yashica Electro 35GSN, which is a 35mm Rangefinder, which uses pretty much only the EE (electric Eye) for autoexposure.
Although it uses an obsolete 1.3v Mercury battery, this one has an adapter to drop the 1.5v Silver Oxide voltage to be usable.
Quite a surprising camera, with a lens that is very sharp.

The image that caught my eye was actually a shovel, well, a garden spade, that had been tossed aside after the handle had broken off.  After propping it up against a small stick, I thought it would make an interesting photo.
One I had forgotten about, until now.

Last Dig

Until next time, Fellow Bloggers, keep those shutters firing!


  1. Back when i was first getting into photography I was debating getting one of these or the Yashica SLR. The SLR won out. A couple of years ago when I got back into film I saw how cheap the GSN was on Ebay and had to have one. Glad I did since it is a wonderful camera. Probably one of the all-time best deals for the money.

  2. I have only seen one yashica SLR, and it had a frozen shutter, so I never did get one..
    After getting my hands on a Yashinon-DX 50mm M42 lens, I was pretty impressed with the lens, and so when I got my hands on this rangefinder, I was very impressed with this camera, and lens..
    Will have to get out again with it..