Sunday, March 3, 2013

Previewing March - The Month of Kodak

Kodak Duaflex IV The month of March shall be like the way Kodak is going.  It came onto the photography scene proudly, holding its head up high, and being the Lion of the group.
With bold moves, like the $1.00 Brownie, which brought photography and cameras into everyone's home.  Or camera's like the Kodak Medalist, that to this day, are toted as perhaps one of the best, sharpest, and most well built cameras.  Ever!
With incredible, and unbeatable films, like Kodachrome, Plus-X, Super-XX, Tri-X and TMAX.  Kodak is the premier film company.  With perhaps the most extensive history in the passed 150 years.  With its dominance in the Movie Film market, both local and abroad, and its bold steps to creating the first Digital camera, in 1976!

Yes, Kodak is well known in the film community as "Our Yellow Father..." but all is not well in the great Film Bastion!  It is under attack from within, as the great CEO of Kodak, who we all know, is turning the company from a great and Proud lion, into a meek and timid Lamb, who cowers under the table with the shareholders doing the talking instead of doing the listening to the people who are trying desperately to let Kodak know to return to its roots, and we will be there!
We will all be there.

But I digress, and that is not what this is about.  This is about showing again, the great, the proud, and the wonderful heritage that is Kodak!  The amazing power of the worlds best films!
Kodak, the Great Yellow leader!

For throughout March I shall use only Kodak cameras, and only Kodak film!  Whether it's TMAX, Tri-X, discontinued Plus-X, or even Ektachrome.. Yes, Kodak is my choice.
Portra, Ektar.. oh even Gold and UltraMAX!  It shall fill my cameras will a sense of unity... of joy....

Of being!

My Kodak cameras are plenty, and I promise you... they are hungry!

And to start it off, my Duaflex IV shall begin the month....

So join me, I say!  Get those Kodak Brownies, Folders, and Snapshop cameras.  Those 35mm scale focusing cameras, or even modified 126 shooters... Get them loaded, and ready...
Through the great month of March!  Lets show the world the proud heritage and power of the mighty Kodak Cameras and Film!

Let us bring Kodak back from the edge, and into our homes once again...

Until next time everyone, keep those shutters firing!

Check out our friends at the Film Photography Project.  For their stocks on Kodak Film are large and bountiful!  From 120 and 35mm, they can help you fill your growing appetite for Kodak Films!

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