Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week #8 - Vigilante justice!

Week #8 - The Kodak Vigilant Junior 620 & Ilford Delta 400For Week 8 of 52 I used my Kodak Vigilant Junior 620.  It's a simple Kodak folding camera that has a Kodet lens (Single Element Meniscus) and a adjustable aperture.
There is no focusing, just compose, set your ƒ-stop and trip the shutter. Composing can be done one of two ways.  Besides using the camera in Portrait or Landscape orientation, as the camera takes 8 6x9 photos on 620 (120) film.
One way, is to use the Flip Up sport finder on the side of the camera, or for a different feel to composing.  The waist level finder located at the front of the bellows, mounted beside the lens.
As the weather was very uncooperative that week, I had opted for loading some Ilford Delta 400 speed film, and chose Rodinal 1+50 as my choice of developer, I really enjoyed seeing the results that this camera is capable of.
Having never used this camera before, I didn't know what to expect.  My grandfather had one of these, but for some reason, I never did get it added to my collection, even though I got all his other cameras.  No idea what happened to it.

But enough of that, it was done as a precursor to my month on Kodak cameras using Kodak Film, although I used Ilford film instead.

Either way, here's a couple of frames that I thought were pretty good representations to what this camera is capable of.

Vigilant Table - Kodak Vigilant Jr. 620 - Ilford Delta 400


Until next time, fellow bloggers.  Keep those shutters firing!

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