Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I really like closeups.  Getting right up close to a subject, and snapping the shot...
Having some great lighting helps..

The best part is having a super fine grained film that gives exceptional sharpness and clarity.

"Pinecone On A Bench" - Canon EOS ELAN II
Helios 44/2 58mm ƒ/2 Biotar Copy
Kodak Panchromatic Separation film #2238 @ ASA 6
Rodinal 1+50

The amazing part of this is that I used a Canon EOS ELAN II, but using a Helios 44/2 58mm ƒ/2 M42 lens adapted to the EF mount.

Sharpness, clarity, and contrast is incredible on this lens...  The Russians did a great job with the glass, and am I ever glad that the Russians made this copy.

I still, as of yet, haven't gotten the amazing telltale swirl from the Helios 44/2 lens.. Hopefully one day!

Until next time fellow bloggers...

Keep those shutters firing!

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