Sunday, January 19, 2014

When Things Go Wrong...

I shot a roll of Fujichrome Velvia 50 back in August on my Canon AE-1.  It was a bulk roll, and was loaded into a KODAK GOLD 400 35mm canister. So perhaps that was error #1...
Error #2 was not adding a sticky label to the can to say, "E6 VELVIA" on it, but hey, I shouldn't have to!  I've dropped off bulk-loaded film before without a problem.

Error #3 was using a chain lab instead of a pro-lab.

But hey, they're inexpensive, and I hadn't had a problem before..


So this, perhaps, is one of the worst images from the roll.  There is no tweaking it to get proper colouration from it.  The shadows are green, magenta grass and a purple sky.
I mean, LOMO Purple isn't even like this.  It's more of a subdued "purple" cast to the film, while this is just completely buggered.

I am so upset about this, as it was a irreplaceable roll.  The conditions, light, location, and time was perfect when I shot these.  I don't see myself driving back to this location, because frankly, I cannot actually remember where this location is.  It's too bad, I really wanted these slides!

I should, at one point, head back to Blacks (where I took it) and make a proper formal complain about it.
But since they do not sell Velvia 50, what the hell can I really do?
Technically speaking, they own me $40.00 for the film (at least)..

Nonetheless, lesson learned.  Next time I will make 100% sure it is properly labelled and that there will be no mistakes!

Until next time, fellow bloggers.

Keep those shutters firing!

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