Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Found Film

Kodak Tri-X Found Film

After buying a 4x5 Graphic film pack of Kodak Tri-X off EBAY I noticed it was on photo 10/16 when I got it.  So I did what I learned from experience shooting other old expired Tri-X. Rate for 50 and don't expect miracles.  Needless to say, I got more than I expected.  Not only did I find this, a previously exposed image from whoever originally owned this pack, but a super clean negative that I can really work with!  Just incredible.. When I pulled it out of the tank, I am telling you right now, the low amount of base-fog , you'd swear this was shot yesterday!  It's just that clear... Sure, you can see some degradation of the substrate and emulsion, but nothing that doesn't hurt the image at all.

Always amazed at the power of film!  This is one of the reasons i usually buy this old Tri-X. It's inexpensive and usually gives acceptable results with unique looks.

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