Saturday, February 18, 2012

Union Subway At Night

Pretty amazing how, at night, the city takes on a whole different life.  I can't say the "crazies" come out, as they're out at all hours of the day.  But you get the odd few here and there.  Plus, you get a different feel throughout the city, wherever you go...

Take just outside the station, where you have people still buying Hot Dogs at 9:30PM.. Sure, I know it's the events going on that keep people coming in, but it's not just the odd person here or there, it's quite a few.
Cold Drinks and Hot Dogs

Into the station is another story entirely.  Picking up something inside the subway to munch on during the trip home was an intersting ordeal.
There was some very interesting light there too, and a fair bit of it!  I love the atmosphere it adds.  From a soft warm glow of the non-daylight coloured flourescent bulbs, to the reflection off the beige/cream coloured paints...

Vitamin C in Natural Form
Row Of Blenders

Subway BuskerBlenders, oranges, wood, all takes on a different look and feeling.  Amazing how the simplest of things just feel so much different and change by just a warmer light.

It's also amazing to see a Subway busker there so late in the day.  But sure enough, there was one!  Blasting away on her Saxaphone with it's soft mellow tones.  She even played "Rock a By Baby" for my little guy who was enjoying the ride in the stroller.
Union Station Construction

Lastly, of course, is the subway platform itself.  Currently the station is undergoing some major renovations, as can be seen behind the subway busker.  As they try to "Modernize" the subway, getting it ready for another tourist season, it appears they really have a LONG way left to go..

All above images taken on Canon EOS Elan II w/Canon 28-90mm ƒ/4-5.6 EF Lens on Fuji Superia 400ISO film

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