Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nightlife - Through Tungsten Eyes

"Night Spire" - Rolleicord V - Fujichrome T64
75mm Xenar-Schneider ƒ/3.5 @ ƒ/8 - 45s
Becoming more and more rare is Fuji Tungsten T64 transparency film.  Rated at 64ASA, it is a very slow film, but can be exposed for 120 seconds without need to compensate for reciprocity failure.

Although sales dropped off with Tungsten film to the point that Fuji decided to discontinue, it is still fairly attainable on EBAY.

I haven't shot much T64 film, a total of 3 rolls myself, but it has earned a special place in my heart.  The long night-time exposures, or cool toned effects during the day.. Or not needing any filter compensation when photographing under hotlamps.

The above shot was taken in 2011 in December using my Rolleicord V TLR.  It was my first real experience using Fujichrome T64 film for long exposures, and enjoyed the experience.  I used it alongside my Canon EOS ELAN II using it for Exposure times as my hand held meter would not meter in low light.
The image to the right was taken around the same time, but for a much longer exposure time.  In the vacinity of 2 minutes instead and at ƒ/11 instead of ƒ/8.
It is a much better exposure, and gives far more detail in the shadows and retains some great highlight detail.

I honestly don't know what happened to the images that I took with the ELAN II.
I am rather upset to know that Fuji T64 film is no longer in production, and very difficult to get a hold of.  My local supplier might have a roll or two left in stock, but it is a very expensive film locally.

As Digital imaging has become more and more sophisticated, it is causing the demise of many transparency films.  And unfortunately, Tungsten based films is one of them.  Kodak Elitechrome T160 and Fujichrome T64 both fell victim to this, but the Fuji film was the most recent.

Lomography bought up much of the remaining stocks, but sold out quickly.

Hopefully I'll be able to stock up on a few of these wonderful films before they disappear entirely.

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Until next time, keep those shutters firing!

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