Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poylpan F - 25ASA?

An odd idea came to me, and one that has been bugging me for a while.  Why is it that Polypan F seems to have such strong contrast when shot at box speed?  In fact, it is more contrasty than PanF+ and Efke 50...
So I started thinking, maybe that's because at 50ASA it's push processing.
Well, that gave me an idea, and so I tried it, and that was "pulling" Polypan 1 stop down to 25ASA instead.
Having done that, I noticed something very interesting with the pull.  For one, I was now in more normal developing times for the majority of films out there shot at box.  Such as using Rodinal 1+50 coming in at 8:30s instead of near on 11:00!  I also found the grain to be exceptionally smaller, and much finer, even using Rodinal, than when I shot it at 50ASA.

Don't get me wrong, I honestly am not saying with utmost certainty that it is a 25ASA film, but seeing the differences between 25ASA and 50ASA, being as minor as they are, there is actually a much more controlled contrast at 25ASA.

I can go on and on making assumptions, and speaking about it, so I'll just let the photos tell the tale.  I'll post first 50ASA photos, followed by 25ASA photos..
These will have been developed in the same developer.

Rodinal, 1+50.

50ASA photos;

Kodak Pony 135C


Rusted Wrench

Lower Levels

25ASA Photos

The Light at the End of the Buggies

Shut Up And Drive

Never Eat Black Snow

So, what do you think?  25ASA or 50ASA film?


  1. Great write up. Good examples, makes me want to try some.

    1. I will most definitely be having more examples of this film shot at 25ASA. I must admit that I am stuck at 25ASA now for this film. After seeing how lovely it is at this speed, I just can't bring myself to shoot it at a faster speed.

      Thank you for the visit and comment!

    2. thank you for your comments!!. I´ll try the Polypan F.

      I have a summar lens on a Leica III. This lens is not very contrasted. Perhaps this compensates for the high contrast of the film?.


    3. It should give you some very nice results.
      That is one of the lovely things about Leica Lenses. Their low contrast helps when using a high-contrast film.
      They are also not clinically sharp, like some Zeiss glass, but stopped down, they are very lovely!
      It's probably why they have such an 'iconic' look to them.