Friday, February 3, 2012

Feb. 3 - Industrial

Although, throughout the beginning of the year, I didn't shoot a lot of images, I did manage to get out there, from time to time.  January was a month of nothing, literally, with very little shooting going on at all, either with digital, or film.  I do have a few shots, but very little.  It was a dismal month, with little sunshine, and lots of cloud and rain. 
What a terrible month!

February started bitter.  With the closing down of Silvano Colour Lab, it was a very bitter note..  The work they did was incredible!  The Prints, fantastic, and they were top notch developers, who used the old method of "Dip-Dunk" to process their film.  Sure, C-41 and E6 was machine ran, but what other lab washes the film afterward?  Not many, I'm sure.

It looks like I'm stuck with Walmart and Drug-store processing from now on... 

But on a happier note, labs like Dwaynes, in Kansas City, are still going strong.

Now onto the story of the day.  The rail-overpass at Black Creek Drive (a minor expressway past Derelict Kodak Heights) is having a its foundations strengthened, so a massive pneumatic hammer was pounding away some massive steel pilings into the ground.  As each strike of the hammer pounds the piling into the ground, you could feel the THUD reverberate through the ground, and into your entire body.  It was an impressive sound and sight!  It really gives me a better respect for this guy, working just a couple of meters away from the piling being driven into the ground.

Sparks Are Gonna Fly
Sparks Are Gonna Fly
Agfa Optima 1a - 45mm Color-Agnar ƒ/2.8 Lens - Polypan F 50ISO - Souped in Kodak XTOL 1:1 8 Minutes

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