Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Test Of The Optima

Today was all about my Agfa Optima 1a.  I have been told repeatedly that this is a very good and sharp lens.  Naturally, I was led to believe this by those that are a bit more knowledgable and experienced than myself.  It looks like they were 100% correct!  I absolutey adore this camera.  It's silly simple to use, just "guesstimate" the distance to the object on the focusing dial, compose, and click.  The camera does the rest!  Auto-Exposure is amazingly simple on this camera.  The AE mode is completely controlled by the selenium cell, which still works perfectly today!  I have tried it in all manner of light, from directly striking the lens, to being in a shadowed location.  It just performs every time!  You can shoot in a manual mode, but that means 1/30s and setting your ƒ/stop to accomodate the shutter speed.  Of course, at 50ISO it would be ƒ/16 in bright sunlight.

Carry The Torch
Carry The Torch - Agfa Optima 1a + Polypan F 50
Souped In Kodak HC-110 Dil. B 8.5 Minutes
This image was shot at a small war memorial that was set up in Weston Ontario, which is a small community that was amalgamated into the city of York, and later into the Greater City of Toronto when all the outlying boroughs and cities were fully amalgamated.  These torches are solely for display purposes only, but I'm sure they can easily be lit.  Personally, I think they should every Nov. 11th, to symbolize the end of the Great War during Rememberance Day.

Weston - Little Avenue Memorial Park
Little Avenue Memorial Park - Agfa Optima 1a + Polypan F 50Souped In Kodak HC-110 Dil. B 8.5 Minutes
And here's the memorial park that was setup to honour those that laid down their lives, performing the ultimate sacrifice to stop the tyranny and bring peace to the world.  Sadly, it was not lasting, as war broke out just 2 decades after the first war ended.
Thankfully we have never seen a war similar to either of those two.

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