Saturday, July 14, 2012

ORWO UN54+ And TMAX Developer

Splash!Another exposure from the ORWO film from previous roll that I developed in TMAX developer.  Plenty of contrast and action going on in this scene, as my son was splashing some water in a man-made water-pool.    Taken down at High Park in Toronto, it was a rather fun capture to get.  With the  splash captured at 1/50s, shortly after he made contact with the water, I thought this would make for intriguing, or at least interesting, photo.
I probably should have crouched down a bit further instead, as I am not getting the most opportune angle. 
regardless, I do like it over all, and I'm planning on giving this a bit more by making a wet-print of this, possibly on some AGFA RC II paper, or possibly on some Kodak RC Paper.. 

It is definitely my son, in pretty much every aspect.  Making trouble, or causing mischief, or anything for a good laugh.  Thankfully he wasn't very wet after this splash.
Father Daughter BlissNext is a scene of tranquility and serenity.  A father and daughter fishing by the pond.  Unsurprisingly a lot of the anglers down at the pond are of Asian Descent, which reflects on that a lot of locals are either unaware, or uninterested in fishing in this Pond.  Personally, I don't have any problem with fishing in it, so long as don't get inundated with Pumpkinseeds and Bluegills, or a bunch of catfish.  They can be quite a pain, especially the catfish!
I think that the father and daughter fishing together is a wonderful moment in time spent together, and I hopefully will enjoy these moments with my sons. 

Perhaps one day.

Until next time.... 

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