Tuesday, September 4, 2012

100 Years of Glass - Patricia Photoshoot - Aug. 26 - 2012

Working with Patricia made for a lot of fun, especially when I moved outside with her and my 4x5 camera. 
Sure, I had a fancy 210mm ƒ/5.6 Schneider-Symmar Kreuznach lens, as well as my Kodak Ektar 127mm.. but the lens I wanted to use was a 100 year old Glass & Brass Busch's Rapid-Symmetrical ƒ/8 lens, and on Efke IR820 100ASA film. 
The resulting look that I would get from this lens is what I was after... I didn't want sharpness from corner to corner, with perfection written across the photo.  I wanted a photo that would match her attire, and would soften the photo. 
You can spend thousands of dollars on a lens that will give amazing sharpness, turn around and spend hours in Photoshop doing what this lens will do on its own.  Softening the image and giving you a more natural look that software will have difficulty duplicating.
So I give to you an image that was 100 years in the making.  An image that is less than perfect in its presentation, but gives me the look and perfection I was after in such a remarkably clean, clear, and beautifully aged lens.
Taken on my Calumet CC400 4x5 Monorail on EFKE IR820 100ASA film sans filter, with a Busch's Rapid-Symmetrical 150mm ƒ/8 Brass Lens.
Developed in HC-110 DIL. B

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