Sunday, September 2, 2012

Newer Film With An Older Lens

In The Field - Patricia
In The Field - Calumet CC400 4x5 Monorail
Busch Rapid-Symmetrical 150mm ƒ/8 Lens
Efke IR820 100ASA Film
So EFKE film isn't exactly a new emulsion.  It's a rather classic high-silver content emulsion, with a look not easily duplicated. 
The other factor I found is a nice old lens, to combine to make a very classic portrait.

Having not Foma400, I had to shoot in bright sunlight to achieve a look that I couldn't easily replicate with strobes, especially since there is not sync contact port on this lens.

Nonetheless with a bright sunny day, combined with a nice yard, some classic gardening wear, and a sun-hat, I was able to achieve the look I think is well complimented with this lens.
Taken on my Calumet CC400 4x5 Monorail w/Busch Rapid-Symmetrical 150mm ƒ/8 Lens on Efke IR820 film without any filtration.  I stopped down the lens to ƒ/16 at 1/125s with slight rise to the lens, and a 15° downward tilt on the front element.

Until Next Time, Keep those Shutters Firing!


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