Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun With A Bolsey

I got a lens for free, which was apparently non-functional, except it is.  The Auto-Focus works, which isn't really important for me, and the aperture ring works well too.  The lens has beautifully clean and clear glass, and is actually a really lovely telephoto-zoom lens.
Since I only have one Nikon camera, which is a Nikkormat FT2, it just made sense to use it on that camera.  I have tried it on my parents' D90 dSLR, with mixed results.  From great clean images, but it ends up with an "ERROR" when having to stop down the lens.
So on my FT2, which is a fully mechanical camera, it operates flawlessly.

Well I put a roll of Polypan F 50 through it during a photoshoot, where I used a couple of cameras.  My Rolleicord V, the Nikkormat FT2, and a borrowed Bosley B2 35mm Rangefinder.  The camera is funky!  I really do like the Bosley, as it has a rather interestingly sharp lens, and a funky design.
Some say that it is a "woman's purse" camera, and I'm inclined to believe it!
'CLICK' - Nikkormat FT2 35mm SLR - Sigma 75-210mm ƒ/3.5
Polypan F 50ASA - Blazzeo 180W/s Strobe Key w/Bounce Umbrella -
SunPAK 622 PRO Auto Fill - AC Slave B/G Lamp
Developed in TMAX Develop 1+9 for 8:30

Until next time, keep those shutters firing!

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