Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Old Tech For A New Look

This has been a minor obsession of mine, in the manner of using old technologies for new portraits, like using flash-bulbs for instance. So I decided to give it a whirl, and worry about blinding my model afterward. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad. I do want to try to do a photoshoot with just flash bulbs, perhaps with a 4x5 camera (to limit the amount of exposures and flashes). Needless to say, I used my, now going to be a permanent resident in my studio, Exakta VXIIa.  I do need to send it in for a minor CLA, as the shutter is starting to cap at higher speeds , but in studio, it's perfect.  1/25s is perfect as it is synced for all types of flash bulbs, whether an eletronic flash, or a flash bulb.
The choice of using KODAK Gold 200 film was more along the lines of "Accidental" over incidental, as I had actually forgotten that I loaded the camera with GOLD.  Sure enough, after opening the camera back and seeing the rewound film, I was actually quite happy that I had a Colour film in there.
Makes me wonder, though.  How would this have been with Porta 400?

Press Bulb Portrait
Would you like some Flash Bulbs?  How about some Kodak Gold 200 film?  Check out the FPP for more!
Until Next time, keep those shutters firing!
A special shout-out to my friend John Meadows for the Exakta.  It has quickly turned into a wonderful love-affair!

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