Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Year On Film - 2013

Looking For Frogs - Explored May 28 - 2012This year, it's going to be a little different.
I'm still going to shoot a lot of film, but I'm going to try to aim toward a specific genre.
Although I am going to shoot 52 cameras in 52 weeks and use 52 rolls of film (a roll a week) I intend on doing something a little different.
I'm not going to just "Shoot a roll because I can"..  I'm going to take my time with each photo. Gauge the angles, lighting, and why am I shooting what I am shooting.
Let the photo tell a story.

But here is where I wrap up last years Year on Film project, where I spent much of the year just shooting different films, and different cameras.  Experimenting with staple films, like Polypan F, and even trying out some ORWO UN54+.

This year, it'll be different.

I'm planning on doing more photoshoots, and using more 4x5 film than last year.
Making Movies - Hand TintedI also intend on shooting more Chrome film, and I am determined to get a slide projector.  What good is having a bunch of slides, and no projector?

Also, throughout a lot of my posts, you have seen me endorsing the Film Photography Project.  Now, before you start to think that I am being endorsed to say anything about them, through financial gains, or gratuities, that is not true.  I believe in them 100%.  They are truly film nuts, and I admire them for spreading the word about film.
Not only are they film nuts, they are enthusiastic about Polaroid, and Impossible film.
I like Impossible film to a point, but there is still a long way to go.  Their SX-70 films are wonderful, especially their colour protection film.
Fuji has some excellent Peel-Apart film, and I wish they hadn't killed FP100B, as it's a far nicer product than their FP100C.

So lets look back, and see some of the photos from 2012. Android Is Tired..Bridge HomeBlack Eyed SusanOak LeafFrame 17 - War.. War Never Changes..Sprocket HydrantHow About A Push To The LakeWillow FallsChecking The SettingsThe Tale of KittyEggs - Get CrackingPatricia Photoshoot'Click'East German/West GermanBlack-Eyed SusansLetters to Cleo...In The Field - PatriciaRundown MotelHydrantApology AcceptedStill Life StandIR Garden

 Until Next time.. Keep those shutters firing!

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