Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Today's post is a little bit of an oddity.  Even though I have already done a post about this photo last year, I have reinvented the photo.  The photo originally, in B&W, is a lovely photo.  The softness, and the glow really stood out, but what got me is that it just didn't feel complete.

So this time, instead of leaving it as is, I decided to take the photo again, and change it.  So I did, and this time, I tinted it.  The look I was after started to pop beautifully!
Not only did it set itself apart from the other photos during the shoot, which it had already, it started to take on an almost 3D feel and look to it.

The Brownie 8mm camera in her hand seems to jump out from the image, and it just feels like it was made to be in a soft pastel type colour.

Making Movies - Hand Tinted
"Making Movies" Rolleicord V TLR - Schneider-Xenar Kreuznach 75mm ƒ/3.5
Ilford HP5+ 400ASA - Developed in Kodak TMAX Develop 1+9
Scanned from Negative on Epson Perfection 4490
Digitally Hand-Tinted in CS5
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Until next time, Keep those Shutters Firing!

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