Sunday, June 23, 2013

Into Week #15 of 52 - Programmed the EOS 750 T-Max

Week #16 – A Freak Of A Storm

This week was an odd-ball.  It started out relatively warm, I mean for early Spring, but then it quickly spiraled into insanity.  I’m sure you remember the greenery I posted from my Contaflex, and thought for sure that we had left the winter behind.  But that, apparently, was not the case.
A freak storm slammed into the Toronto area bringing almost 10cm of snow in just over 3 hours.  The temperatures hovered about 7 degrees C under the freezing point for much of the day, and made driving a near total nightmare.
Thankfully I was already at work by the time the snows started to get heavy.
After work was over I took a drive to a local (to my home) park to get some photos of a park that was, otherwise, completely desolate…
Camera used.. Canon Canonet QL25 loaded with Polypan F 50ASA then developed in HC-110 1+100 Semi-Stand
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