Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Young Guns

Although it's not something anyone would ever hope for, it is amusing to see a youngster looking down the barrel (from the butt side) of a weapon that weighs probably something close to what the youngster does. 
Well, my son decided to have a look-see at an M249 SAW.  For those that are unfamilliar with this gun, it's a very big, and very loud, machine gun.  Although classified as a Light Machine Gun, it's far from light, but compared to that of an M60 or a .50 Caliber Browning M2, it's a light Machine Gun.

The Markham Fair, where we were, was originally to watch the Monster Trucks, but the Military exhibit wasn't exactly unexpected.

So sure enough, a Howitzer and Browning M2 on a Hum-Vee, and a display to pick up a rifle or two, including a .45 Colt ACP M1911 pistol, they had the M249 5.56mm LMG, and Nikolas had to do a fun pose for me..

Young Guns
"Young Guns" - Canon AE-1 35mm SLR - Canon 50mm ƒ/1.8 FD Prime - Kodak Portra 800
Processed at Toronto Image Works

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