Sunday, January 13, 2013


Fuji has had a long running film, known as Reala.  It's a 100ASA, C-41 (colour negative) film that is available in 120 and 35mm.  The issue is, it has actually been announced, by Fuji, that they will be discontinuing production of this wonderful film.  So if you have some, shoot it, and if you can get more, get more and shoot that while it's still around.
It's a remarkable film, with its natural colour balance, very fine grain, and incredible sharpness, and is wonderful for Portraits and scenery alike.  It has already been axed in 35mm, but has recently been said to be given the axe in 120 as well. 
Such a sad moment to hear of another amazing film being cut from the lineup.

Recently (October, 2012) during the Scott Kelby, World Wide Photowalk, I used a roll of 120 Reala in my Rolleicord V. 
Must Be A Fluke
Not only was a impressed with the results from it, I was blown away by the sharpness of a couple of photos.  Sure, the Schneider-Xenar lens had a lot to do with it, but when you consider that the films exceptionally fine grain helps increase over-all sharpness, this image is just incredible to behold.

There has been no added sharpening to the scan, and the colours have not been corrected.  This is pretty much direct from the roll of film how it was taken.

It's such a shame to see this wonderful film disappear.  Just like Fuji discontinuing ASTIA, I think that getting rid of Reala is another big mistake.  Of course, that's just me, and I don't pretend to know what is in store for Fujifilm. But if they get rid of all their films, then how can they rightly call themselves Fujifilm?

Until next time, keep those shutters firing!

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