Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Film Photography Podcast

Almost a year ago, John Meadows, a good friend and fellow photographer, introduced me to the Film Photography Project (Podcast).  At that time, I started listening to it, but I started from day one. 
Day one started out on October 15, 2009, with hosts Michael Raso, and Duane Polcou.  They were joined by host of Alternative Cinema, John Fedele.  

And hearing how Michael Raso went on and on about Polaroid, with various sound bytes from "The Google" to "E6" and "C-41!"  it was an instant hit in my household.

With reviews on various cameras, films, and even alternative processes, I was addicted to the show.  The humour, and satire throughout the show, like Cheech and Chong, never seems to grow old.
With various interviews with Kodak, Fujifilm, and even The Impossible Project, it has gone from a Podcast about film, to the voice of reason on Film photography. 
Now with hosts Michael Raso, Mathew Marrash, John Fedele, Dan Domme,  Mark Dalzell, and Dane Johnson, and Hunter White (The Man On the Street) it has become a great and successful show.  It even has its own music, performed by the Pink Delicates

The show has grown since its inception.  Originally it was almost seemingly like a "trial" about film, including Polaroid, it has just blossomed.  Now sporting Darkroom tips with Mat Marrash, giveaways, both cameras, film, or even both together, to even a store where you can buy cameras, film, batteries, changing bags, etc.

Personally, I love the old Kodak commercials they play.  Even the old Polaroid commercials, especially the ones they played around Christmas time, which must have inspired many to go and use their Polaroid around Christmas.  An instant photo to share.  What other camera gives you that?  Digital?  Hardly, unless you like hovering over a screen like a moth drawn to flame.

So regardless of how you view film, the Film Photography Project is an amazing thing indeed.  They aren't spreading the Digital VS Film argument, that's been hashed again and again and again, and honestly, there's no winner in that.  Film is film, and Digital is digital, and never the two shall be equal, nor better than the other.

The Film Photography Project is an inspiration to all those around that shoot film.  Not just in North America, but around the world!
There are listeners in Russia, in Japan, Australia, South America, and everywhere in between.  It is a global community, and they have brought a world together.

If you haven't already, check out the Film Photography Project, and learn more about film.  Even if you're not interested in film, and love using your Digital Camera, remember, without Film Photography, digital photography wouldn't exist today.  It's a part of our History.  From Camera Obscurra, to Daguerreotypes and Lithographs, to modern photography today, whether with a Film camera, or a digital camera, it is all related, and all part of our history.

So check it out today, The Film Photography Project.
Perhaps you might just be inspired enough to take up a Film Camera...

Until next time, keep those shutters firing... Film or Digital!

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