Friday, July 5, 2013

A New Combination

Recently I visited a farm known as Springridge Farms.   They are well known for their strawberry fields, and for their fresh jams, and amazing pies!
Absolutely fantastic!
Of course, I'm not entirely blogging about Springridge.  Not in the slightest, well maybe a little.
They had a fun "hay" ride, and a cute little meet the animals, with some peacocks, goats, and chickens.  They also had a free-range turkey and rooster.  Funny how the rooster could care less about you petting it.
Both my kids thoroughly enjoyed petting it, and even pretty much pinning the darn thing to the ground.
Poor rooster..

But I shot a few rolls of film that day.  From TMAX100, to Delta400 and even a roll of Sensia 100!
Yup, a little bit of slide film in my Canon AE-1.  And a combination of using a Canon 75-200 ƒ/4, Canon 50mm ƒ/1.8 S.C. and even my Hanimex 135mm ƒ/2.8... 
Really happy with all those lenses!  Great sharpness out of them all...
But the 75-200mm is the first time I have really given it a good proper workout, not to mention the Hanimex 135mm..
The 50mm, well, it's a 50mm!  It gets used all the time..

Now the interesting part is the "New Combination" section of this.  Nothing to do with the camera or lenses, or even the film!
But this has to do with the developer.  I mixed, as weird as this will sound, TMAX developer and Rodinal.  Yup, I mixed them together!  And I really like how it handled itself.

TMAX and Rodinal together to develop a roll of TMAX100 and Delta400!

And what a surprise!
Beautiful negatives!

"Milking A Cow" - Canon AE-1 - Canon 75-200mm ƒ/4 FD-AC

"Texting" - Canon AE-1 - Canon 75-200mm ƒ/4 FD-AC

"Cool Cat" - Canon AE-1 - Canon 75-200mm ƒ/4 FD-AC

"Making Tea" - Canon AE-1 - Canon 75-200mm ƒ/4 FD-AC

Until next time fellow bloggers, keep those shutters firing!

Don't forget to check out those crazy and wacky guys at the Film Photography Project for more information on shooting film.
Or, even pick up some film for yourself to try!  They have some incredible prices on film, and not to mention... They even have Polypan F 50 in hand-rolled cassettes of 24 exposures!

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