Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Agfa RCIII 8x10 Caffenol Print

I recently made a print on some Agfa RCIII 8x10 PC Photo Paper from a 35mm ADOX CHS Negative.  The result was quite impressive on the negative, which I had developed in DIAFINE.
This ADOX film, which I recently reviewed I found to be extremely contrasty, but impossibly sharp.  I wasn't sure how well it would print, but I figured I should give it a try anyway, and see how it turns out.
Well, after a couple of test sheets (strips) to find out the sweet spot for a print, I decided on developing it in Caffenol... Well, it's funny, because they, who are they, mention that using Caffenol to TONE an image works best with Fiber based paper, as it'll take the coffee stain.  Well, this is Resin Coated Agfa RC paper, and hardly a Fiber paper, but it took the tone beautifully!
This print, soon to be given to my good photographer friend, John G. Meadows, is a wonderful example, at least in my opinion, on the great tones that you can get out of Caffenol for print developing. 
Lost Shoes - Print Scan

The above print is a sample print, but similar copies are available for sale.  If interested you can contact me in confidence @ Michael Photography for pricing information. 

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