Monday, July 30, 2012

Reclaiming Negatives

As many are aware I have started shooting Polaroid film cameras.  Whether it is TIP (The Impossible Project) film or Fuji Peel-Apart, or even Fuji Instax, film I have grown rather fond of it.

Well I decided to give Negative Reclaiming a try.  What that is, is when you take a Peel Apart negative, one of the "parts" that the film instructions suggest throwing away, and instead of throwing it away, you bleach it.
How one bleaches it is rather simple actually, because you're actually using, well, bleach.
Here's a short video on bleaching a Negative.

As in the video, you can see it is a very simple process.

Well, first time I did it I thought, "Wow, this is very easy to do!" and it really is.
Scanning it is a little more difficult, all things considered, as it isn't a 6x6, nor is it a 4x5.  It's not even quite a 3x4, but close.  Thankfully, a L/F scanner will give you the control necessary to scan in a reclaimed negative without having to juggle the film.  On a 35mm/120 scanner, you'll have to scan it in two parts.

Well, on my Duoscan F40, it came out quite nice.

Old Sill - Reclaimed Negative
Old Sill - Reclaimed Negative Fuji FP-100C - Polaroid 420 Automatic Land

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