Saturday, October 6, 2012

Not Just What's For Dinner

Part of my "What's for Dinner Project" I will post images of Breakfast, or lunch.  Doesn't really matter which one it might be, as long as it is food.

Well, early September, breakfast consisted of a small portion of Eggs, Bacon, and Toast.  A typical breakfast, although I have used Sausage as well from time to time. 
Today it was Eggs, Toast and Bacon.  Wonderful, smoked, and beautiful bacon.  It's pretty much it's own food group! 
It's not meat, it's Bacon!..
Eggs - Get CrackingWell, using my Monorail for a setup it's known for, which is still life, or product shots, I loaded the carrier with some old, and I mean old, Kodak Tri-X Pan 320ASA film.  Being that it expired in 1972, I had to consider how to compensate for the age of the film.
Deciding that in the passed 4 decades that the film has sat Dormant it would need about 4 stops of over-exposure to cut through the base fog, I metered and exposed for 50ASA.  Although that, is only 3 stops, it looks like that was enough to bring out the detail, especially since I added a bit of developing time.  Normally it's a 5 to 6 minute developing time for this film, I developed it for 8 minutes instead to give it a little more time in the developer to, hopefully, have brought out more detail.

Unfortunately the film seems to have been attacked by some form of spotted Microbe as the film is covered in black spots.  This, ultimately, had me turn to adding a bit of post processing magic to give it a different look and feel.  Adding some post scratches, which the film did not have, plus some selenium toner and a bit of vignette.
Over all, happy with the image, and happy with how the meal turned out.

Eggs, 2, fried, over-medium.
2 strips of bacon, fried to near perfection, without crisping
Toast, white, 2 slices, cut and buttered
Hot Arabic Bean fresh-brewed coffee
Sliced oranges for garnish

Wonderful meal indeed!


Calumet CC400 4x5 Monorail
Schneider-Symmar Kreuznach 210mm ƒ/5.6 in Copal-SV Shutter
Lens @ ƒ/11
Kodak Tri-X Pan 320ASA (Expired 1972) Exposed at 50ASA for 15s
Slight Tilt on front & rear board
5mm shift front left
Developed in HC-110 Dil. B for 8:00 @ 20°C

Scanned from Negative on Agfa Duoscan F40 Flatbed Scanner & Post Processing Effects added in CS5 using Exposure 4

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