Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Playing The Hand

It continues to amaze me, the awesome power of film.  Even after 20 years being unexposed, and sitting around in storage unknown, but apparently stored relatively well, at least it wasn't stored under a radiator, or in a easy-bake over, the roll of Elitechrome E100G that I used for a portrait session is incredibly well detailed and clean.  Sure, it's not quite as vibrant as if it was new, but it is beautiful.
The colours are clean, crisp, and the image is wonderfully sharp.  Sure, I adjusted the tones a little, and added a soft-focus effect, but the final image is something I can easily live with, and enjoy.  A print it would make, and beautifully at that!

Fanning Cards - Sept. 29 - 2012
"Card Fan" - Canon AE-1 - Canon 135mm ƒ/2.8 - Kodak Elitechrome E100G (Expired 1992)
Developed at Toronto Image Works

Like what you see?  Want some Elitechrome film?  Check out the FPP

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