Saturday, August 5, 2017

Empty Road

I took this photo as I have passed this spot several times, almost every single day to be exact, have wanted to shoot it very similar to how I did, however the issue has always been a matter of 'how to shoot it' and 'how to frame it'.  I decided on having the road into the forest to be out of focus and the T junction to be in focus. I find that the back elements being in focus and the front elements, such as the road, if it was out it wouldn't have the same effect. At least in my mind, plus I didn't like how it looked when I had tested that in camera.  It would have been a huge challenge to shoot this in 35mm the same way as I'm sure the focusing would have been a real trick and I doubt I would have got the same effect out of focus as I would here.  Especially at around ƒ/16 or so, as I was here. Maybe the image isn't quite what I had in mind, but it's pretty close.  I'll have to try this again when the fogs return.

County Sideroad 22
Calumet CC400 4x5 Monorail - Schneider-Symmar 180mm ƒ/5.6 @ ƒ/16 - 11:48PM August 1, 2017
1s Exposure - Rollei RPX25 - HC-110 Dil. B 5:00 20°C

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