Sunday, August 6, 2017

Getting Things Back Underway

Contaflex Super BC - Pro-Tessar 35mm ƒ/3.2 - Polypan F
So I admit, I've been absent from the Blog Scene for a bit.. But I'm coming back to it. Life is less hectic and much more relaxed now that I've managed to find a groove in things. I was taking a break for the summer from work and focusing on just relaxing and shooting film.  I made a point, also, of, during my days at school, to take a camera every single day, except during exam week. I took a new camera to school every week until the final week of school, because I literally was there for an hour or two at most, then back home to not study and develop a roll or two.. Maybe veg in front of the television and watch Netflix...

Ended up getting into woodworking and thinking of a couple projects... yes, a few are photography related, but I won't get into that.. Wait until they're done, then I'll post about them.

For now, I plan on posting a new blog a minimum of one a week, possibly as many as 4 or 5 per week, depending on how things go.
Kodak Pony 35 Model C -
44mm ƒ/3.5Kodak Anastigmat
Polypan F 50

I'm also starting up a small gallery website.. Nothing fancy, which currently is basically... nothing.. But I'll be posting images up there for viewing and, of course, to order a print or two... maybe even a photobook!

It'll be nice to finally have a public gallery instead of just Flickr or Facebook... Of course this blog, or even my Google+ profile, which has very limited photos

Anyway, stay tuned, we've got more things coming.. Also, don't forget, I'm broadcasting every month from the revolving Classic Camera Revival studio...

Talk to you all soon!

Remember, keep those shutters firing!

Zenza Bronica SQ-Ai - Zenzanon 80mm ƒ/2.8 - Kodak TMAX400

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