Friday, August 11, 2017

TFSM Informal August Long Weekend Meetup

On the 5th, the Toronto Filmshooters Group, as suggested and Organized by +Bill Smith, got together for a walk in the Beaches.  Starting at "THE REMARKABLE BEAN" and finishing at a little craft brewery on Eastern Avenue called Rorschach Brewing Co.

Along the way made for some interesting shooting, but I didn't just have a 35mm SLR around my neck.. Nope, I had a dSLR to capture some quick shots around and to get some shots of the gang out there shooting ...

Of course, what TFSM photo walk is complete without some film shots, considering it is a TFSM meetup!

All film images were taken on the Argus A2 Pre-War model on Rollei Superpan 200 and developed in TMAX Developer.

Until next time everyone, keep those shutters firing!

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